Future Events and Activities in Gosport


2 – 30 October at the Gosport Discovery Centre (Mezzanine floor)

Discover Fairtrade Gold - Photography Exhibition images

Gold is a symbol of love, power and wealth the world-over. But look behind the glitz and the reality is not so glamorous. Up to 16 million men, women and children are pushed into small-scale gold mining by poverty around the world. Confronted by numerous obstacles to getting a fair price for their gold, the miners, including women and children, lead dangerous and precarious lives.

oww-2017-logo-greenPart of One World Week’s “Good Neighbours” theme, we explore how choosing Fairtrade products – in this instance gold – enables us to be good global neighbours. You can support marginalised gold miners to improve their livelihoods and communities by choosing and encouraging others to choose Fairtrade Gold.  

Fairtrade gold miners at Sotrami Mine in Peru take safely seriously.

These Fairtrade gold miners at Sotrami Mine in Peru take safety seriously.

This exhibition offers striking images, quotes and stories from gold mining communities in South America and East Africa.  

It brings to life the challenges facing small-scale gold miners and the difference Fairtrade can make. 



Tuesday 24th October 2017 – 7.30 p.m. Gosport Discovery Centre

Fairtrade GOLD – how to buy beautiful products without exploitation.

GFA is taking  part of One World Week’s ‘Good Neighbours’ Programme, and has invited Alan Frampton, owner of CRED (Fairtrade gold jeweller in Chichester and London) to talk about his pioneering work with small-scale artisanal mining communities in Peru and Uganda. Their aim? A better life for the miners and Fairtrade accreditation for their gold.

Some of the world’s poorest people. including children, are forced to seek a living by mining for gold in hazardous and often illegal conditions, using technologies which endanger their health and poison the water supply. 

photo: Alan Frampton

photo: Alan Frampton

If you don’t want your wedding ring or that precious gift to cost miners their health, and sometimes their lives, and put environments in danger, come and find out how Fairtrade offers an alternative of hope and life.  Alan has worked with the communities involved and will share their experiences with us in his vividly illustrated presentation.

The cost of the evening talk, with Fairtrade fizz and light refreshments, will be £5 per head.


You will also be able to view the “Discover Fairtrade Gold” – Photo Exhibition,

on the mezzanine floor of the Discovery Centre,  from 2nd – 30th October 2017




Calling all Cafes, restaurants, pubs, that serve Fairtrade Coffee.  

GFA has lots of attractive and informative “Table Talkers” – if you would like some for your tables – just contact us and we’ll deliver.


There were lots of special resources available for schools to use the last Fairtrade Fortnight in break time, assembly time and lesson time; from films and PowerPoints to lesson plans and educational games – find out what it’s like to be a producer without and with Fairtrade.  These are still relevant if you want to do something about Fairtrade in your school. Contact GFA for a short introductory PowerPoint presentation or go to the Fairtrade schools website here for more


Are you involved with any football teams in Gosport?

I expect you insist on Fair Play at all times!  Did you know that you could play and train with Fairtrade footballs?  - no need for any more exploitation of child labour just so our children can enjoy their footie!

Donna, one of GFA’s members, is visiting clubs and schools with a Fairtrade football and would love to talk to you about it – Why not invite her along to your club or school to find out more?

Contact her here

Here is a short  video about Fairtrade footballs


Requests welcome

Do you have an event coming up in Gosport where you’d like a stall or display or presentation?

Please let us know and we’ll do our best to help.


If you would like a speaker to give a talk about Fairtrade, please contact us to arrange a date.


Available to BORROW are:

compressed-copy-of-collage-at-Town Hall_31-March-2011_009The Schools Fairtrade Banner (pictured below on display in the Discovery Centre and other Libraries over the summer of 2011, and in the Discovery Centre during Fairtrade Fortnight 2016) and the Fairtrade Logo Collage (pictured right) are available for loan to schools who would like to use it for an assembly or as part of a programme of work or an event about Fairtrade.  Please contact us for availability.

Schools' banner on display in the Discovery Centre




About various aspects of Fairtrade:

  • benefits to the producers, (a large range of products covered)
  • environment and climate change,
  • women,
  • Fairtrade at Work (for businesses)
  • conflict zones

Illustrated Presentations (PowerPoints)


  • schools,
  • churches/faith groups
  • voluntary oranisations
  • community groups
  • businesses

These range from general introductions about Fairtrade to PowerPoints about particular countries/producers and products. Some are based on personal travel and meeting with Fairtrade producers and would make a good starting point for talks to a wide range of audiences.