7. Fairtrade in Havant

Traidcraft stall - Jenny and Sandie The Havant Fairtrade Forum has been around since 2004 and we achieved Fairtrade status for Havant in 2009. We had it renewed this year.

We meet every month and our next meeting is at 4.00pm on Wednesday 11th Feb at  St Clare’s room at Havant Borough Council.

We meet regularly on the second Wednesday of the month at 4 p.m.

We’re happy to talk at local events, support work in schools and churches and we run lots of Fairtrade stalls.

This is what we did during Fairtrade Fortnight 2014

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Havant Borough Fairtrade Forum – Fairtrade Fortnight events 2014


Before FTF Letter about Fairtrade to every school and church in the Borough  Maureen
  News publicity + text for church magazines  Sue and Jim
  Updating website and Facebook page  Sue
  Slide for screen at civic offices  Sue, Jeff
10/2 Stall at local Chamber of Commerce event including giving out programme for the Fortnight  Tara, Maureen with Gosport and Fareham groups
  Assembly for Year 1-2 group at St Thomas MoreWorkshop banana farming game with year 3-4  TaraMaureen
  Posters on public notice-boards around the Borough  Jeff
During FTF Assemblies to each year group over 5 days at OaklandsSchool Maureen
  Visit to reception and  pre-school  St Thomas More’s  Maureen
  Emsworth Methodist had a FT baking focus for an activity afternoon and a fair-trade cake stall   
  Barncroft primary school had a FT day; Maureen did assembly then they visited Hilliers  Barncroft plus Maureen
19/2 We put up an  exhibition in Civic offices; presented the Mayor with our FT Borough Certificate and did a talk on Fairtrade to the  full council.  Sue, Jenny, Tara, June, Jim, Harry, Jeff
  We chased up various local outlets including Majestic Warehouses which sounded positive  
22/2 Messy Church Havant Havant URC 3.30 to 5.30 led by Mugeni Sumba to work on the theme – painting a giant banana Harry, Maureen, Mugeni plus students from Oaklands school
From Mon 24.2 Display in Havant Borough Council Public Services Plaza by pupils from BosmereSchool  BosmereSchoolMaureen and Sue
Tue 25.2 FT coffee morning St Mary’s Church Hall, HaylingIsland 10.45 to 12.00  Jenny
  Eating Well together at  Havant United Reformed Church, Elm Lane, Havant, 60+ peopleSpecial meal cooked with Fairtrade ingredients and Fairtrade wines.Help Palestine goods plus informationPlay on Foncho Tim, Sue D, Barbara+ whole group   


Tara and Maureen

Wed 26th Coffee morning Beacon Church Havant  10-12 with Traidcraft stall  Maureen, Jim, Sue plus church group
 Thurs 27th 8.00 to 9.30 Giving out Bananas(donated by Fyffes) at Havant Civic offices with the Mayor of Havant Cllr Paul Buckley and Kate Willis from the Fairtrade Foundation. Wearing banana suits teacher and students from Bosmere school  Sue, Jeff, Jim. Thanks to FyffesChildren from Bosmere school
Fri 29th St Michael’s RC Church, Dunsbury Way, Leigh Park – Fairtrade coffee morning/afternoon tea Fairtrade stall; Demonstration of where FT goods come from  Jim + church group
Sat 1st Fairtrade evening at John Pounds Church. Talk on history and principles of FT to about 60 people. £120 raised for Traidcraft  Tara
Tue 4th Coffee morning with Fairtrade pancakes for Shrove Tuesday and Traidcraft stall Havant URC Elm Road, Havant 10-12Tara made pancakes with toppingsSue did Traidcraft stall Harry, Tara, Sue
Mon 3rd Stall at HavantCollege  Tara, Sue, Maureen plus cat.
  Tara did a whole school assembly at St Paul’s primary in Paulsgrove  Tara
Wed 5th St Joseph‘s, West St. coffee morning Jim   Jim, Maureen + church groupTradcraft stall
Thursday 6th  Curry Night/Fairtrade fair at St Edmunds RC Secondary School Portsmouth.Stalls, Films, Fairtrade Curry, Speaker; Mugeni Sumba from OaklandsSchool  Sue, Maureen, Mugeni
  Talk on FT in S America to Portsmouth Hispanic SocietyAbout 35 people; Traidcraft sales of £115 and donation to Traidcraft of £95 Philip
Friday 8th Dorothy Agard  – banana farmer from Windward Islands visiting. Oaklands and St Edmunds   Sue + Oaklands and St Edmunds  staffJenny, Jim, Barbara and Sue took her for curry in eveningFeatured in Portsmouth  News
  We gave Dorothy 289 petitions plus those collected in schools  
  Emsworth local produce market had a fair-trade display (apparently lots of their producers use FT products in their recipes)  
Sun 9th  Bananas in Pyjamas Show at Kings Theatre. Competition to win complimentary family tickets plus toys
Sue organized competition; Maureen promoted it in local schoolsPress coverage of winners.
  FT Stall at St James Emsworth with Traidcraft stall  June, Patricia
After the Fortnight Events written up on website and Facebook www.portsmouthfairtrade.org.ukFairtrade SouthEast Hants  
  Maureen wrote a blog for the CAFOD website http://cafodportsmouth.wordpress.com/2014/03/13/super-support-for-fairtrade-fortnight/ 
  Photos shared https://picasaweb.google.com/102434389843148455825/FairtradeFortnight2014?authkey=Gv1sRgCNqw8fCpj4G2Hw#




in 2013 we held lots of events during FT Fortnight:


Havant Craft workshop 19.2 3 Havant Craft workshop 19.2 4 Havant Craft workshop 19.2 2 Fairtrade artwork 2 St Joseph's Havant 19.2.13









St Joseph’s in Havant had a craft workshop beforehand and made this great sculpture


The Mayor of Havant, Councillor Gerald Shimbart helped campaigners and children from St Thomas More primary school give out Fairtrade bananas (courtesy of Fyffes) in the Public Services Plaza  on Tuesday 26th Feb  as Council staff arrive for work

Pupils from St Thomas More Primary School designed some artwork based on Fairtrade to display in the Plaza during Fairtrade Fortnight. We also supplied leaflets and images for their computer screens

IMG_1504TaraAfter being in the Plaza, Havant Fairtrade group had a stall at Havant College on Tuesday 26th, with chocolate plus the chance for students to make a Fairtrade sculpture and to buy some Fairtrade produce. .

St Thomas More Catholic Primary School held a tea party on Thursday 28th

On 2nd March  we enjoyed  Eating Well Together.  We had a great meal cooked with Fairtrade ingredients by Tim, Sue and Caroline and the chance to hear about Fairtrade and climate change from Mugeni Sumba who told us about the impact of Fairtrade in Kenya at The Meeting Place, Havant United Reformed Church.

Mugeni 2 for web

There was a Fairtrade Breakfast on Tuesday March 5th  in St Mary’s Church Hall  and a coffee morning from 10.45 – 12, with a Traidcraft stall at both events .

Havant URC Church held a Fairtrade coffee morning in the Meeting Place, Elm Lane on Thursday 5th March which took approximately £60 and at Emsworth Waterside URC which took approximately £30. These were both supplied and accounted for by Philip and Dot Warren.

On Friday 8th there was a Fairtrade Coffee morning and a Fairtrade tea party at St Michael’s in Dunsbury Way

There was also  a Fairtrade coffee morning on Sat 9th in St James Parish Hall, Emsworth

As a result of the Fairtrade Fortnight events, we were invited to have a stall at the Mayor’s coffee morning where we gave out leaflets and sold Traidcraft goods. Pupils from St Alban’s made cakes and sold them at the coffee morning. .




We also talked in several schools in Chidham and Emsworth.


Oaklands School made sculptures and the Fairtrade group led an assembly

Since then

We have met every month

We had a stall at the Havant Green Fair

We successfully re-applied for Fairtrade Borough status

Havant FT group + mayor for web

We had a Fairtrade dinner party

There was a three day Traidcraft open House in November

Some local churches celebrated harvest with Fairtrade materials.


What we did in 2012



Our group has met regularly each month in the Havant United Reformed Church which is a Fairtrade church and has a welcoming cafe. We are very grateful to the church for providing us with a free room and to Havant Borough Council for their support, especially to Jeff Crate.

We represent a range of different church and interest groups with two members energetically promoting Traidcraft around the local area.

In Fairtrade Fortnight this year

  • We contacted local schools to encourage them and to offer speakers
  • We made up packs for local businesses and posted/delivered about 80 companies
  • We had a Fairtrade stall at the Mayor of Havant’s coffee morning
  • We had a meal with Fairtrade ingredients at Havant United Reformed Church on Tue 13th March. 55 people attended. We also had music and a talk by the Catering Manager of Portsmouth University who has offered to advise any companies who want to switch to using Fairtrade products.
  • We brought speakers from the Zaytoun project in Palestine to Oaklands School where they spoke to several groups of students.
  • Havant College students had a stall and collected footprint pledges
  • There was a United Service and wine-tasting (supported by Southern Coops) in Havant
  • There was a breakfast/coffee morning at St Mary’s on Hayling
  • We put up a display in the new Public Service Plaza plus posters on notice boards around the town.
  • We had a display in Waterlooville library

Since then

  • We’ve had a stall at Havant Green Fair serving Fairtrade drinks and refreshments
  • We’ve organised some activities in local churches
  • We’ve attended the Hampshire Fairtrade Conference at which Oaklands School did a presentation on what they have achieved
  • We’ve been getting Fairtrade discussed around the churches eg at the Anglican Diocesan Synod
  • We’ve got a new banner printed.
  • We’re meeting local members of the Chamber of Commerce to tell them about Fairtrade
  • We have a new Fairtrade Cafe in the Public Services Plaza.
  • We organised a special outreach to local employers to encourage them to switch to Fairtrade.
  • Our members have been selling Traidcraft products in local churches and craft markets.
  • We’ve been to Chamber of Commerce events with a Fairtrade stall.
  • We’ve had a stall at the Havant College Freshers’ event and set up a meeting for the students who were interested.
  • Churches in Emsworth have had special services and shown short films about Fairtrade
  • Philip and Dot organised Open Houses to sell Traidcraft goods
  • We have supported campaigns like the call for a supermarket watchdog and for the NT to use Ft tea.
  • We have maintained our website and Facebook page in partnership with Portsmouth and Gosport groups.
  • We have been involved with One World Week events at Sacred Heart in Waterlooville where they have a permanent FT shop.
  • We attended the National Supporters’ day and reported back to the group
  • We have sent fliers about FTF 2013 and Kool Skools to local schools.
  • There have been harvest festivals using FT products in Emsworth and Leigh Park churches.
  • Fairtrade has been raised at meetings in local RC churches


IMG_0899We had a Fairtrade stall at the Mayor of Havant’s coffee morning


We brought speakers from the Zaytoun project in Palestine to Oaklands School

Local outlets.

To see whichHavant shops and which cafes and restaurants sell Fairtrade goods.

Find out what we did for Fairtrade Fortnight 2010

Some of the things we’ve done:Robin and Ann

FairHavant FT award group2trade curry tasting

ReceiHavant FT award Cakeving our Fairtrade AwardHavant FT award group