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J000310_Headline_Assests1Get students thinking about justice and the links we have with the rest of the world.


Use our short presentation “Time for a Break” for Fairtrade Assemblies and Breaks in schools

Gosport Fairtrade Action made a short PowerPoint about breaks, showing how children of non-Fairtrade producers work long hours in dangerous conditions. In contrast, children of Fairtrade farmers are not allowed to undertake dangerous work or long hours that prevent them attending school and enjoying some leisure – they benefit, too, from the Fairtrade premium, which is spent by their community on such things as improving schools and equipment and better health provision.

This has been updated for use at any time – it is in two parts  – take a look here:

Time for a Break – Part 1   (10 slides)

Time for a Break – Part 2   (13 slides)

or Contact us if you would like a copy.


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Fairtrade Fortnight 2017 was from  27 February to 2 March and all about inspiring Fairtrade breaks in our communities, schools, workplaces and places of worship. But you could still use the resources to get your school  involved.
A break is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a treat and talk about the fact that Fairtrade helps farmers fight for a fairer deal they desperately need. We hope you’ll join us in organising one and spreading the message as far as you can.


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The local Fairtrade groups in Portsmouth, Havant and Gosport organise events during the Fortnight and can provide speakers or chat with you about your ideas. Contact us via this website or follow us on Facebook Fairtrade South East Hants




The Fairtrade Foundation has a schools website with


There’s more coming over the next few weeks – look out for a secondary assembly plan, a lesson all about Brazil Nuts, a Fairtrade Fortnight Quiz and fantastic new films for students in secondary schools and colleges which look at globalisation and trading in sugar and cocoa.

You can also get free copies of the Fairtrade Fortnight Events Pack with posters, stickers, table-talkers and the Breaks & Ladders game. For more printed resources you can order extra from the Fairtrade online shop for the price of postage.


You can also download a copy of the Fairtrade Fortnight Schools Action Guide- it is full of ideas to make your break Fairtrade and help us to ensure that no-one is short changed for a hard day’s work.

Become A Fairtrade School

If you’ve been thinking of becoming a FairtradeSchool or are renewing your Fairtrade status, Fairtrade Fortnight is a great place to start!

Just by using the Fortnight lesson plan above and carrying out some simple audits you could get your FairAware Award. Find out about our Awards here.


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Show The Love


The Climate Coalition are running their ‘For The Love Of’ campaign in February using green hearts to highlight some of the things we love that we are losing to climate change. Working closely with farmers and workers the Fairtrade foundation knows only too well some of the implications of climate change and would love to see schools across the UK getting involved in this fun and important campaign!




Schools website jpegCheck out the Traidcraft website here

  • Over 100 curriculum-linked lesson plans, assemblies, activity ideas and competitions.
  • Info on buying Fairtrade for school, setting up a Fairtrade enterprise scheme or snack stal


To become a Fairtrade College you need meet the following 5 goals:

1.   The Students Union (or equivalent) and the university or college authorities both create a Fairtrade policy incorporating these five goals.

2.   Fairtrade foods are made available for sale in all campus shops.  Fairtrade foods are used in all cafes /restaurants / bars on campus.  Where this is not possible, there is a commitment to use Fairtrade foods in these establishments as soon as it becomes possible to do so.

3.   Fairtrade foods (for example, coffee and tea) are served at all meetings hosted by the university or college and the Student Union (or equivalent), and are served in all university or college and Student Union management offices.

4.   There is a commitment to campaign for increased Fairtrade consumption on campus.

5.   A Fairtrade Steering Group is established.

kool-skools-logoDid you know that you can get Fairtrade uniforms from a local company?

Check out the Koolskools website

They are happy to come and talk to school groups.