4. What can I do?

How can I help?

Buy the products! With thousands of products now available from single origin coffees to delicious chocolate and fashionable cotton T shirts, change your everyday products to Fairtrade today.

Ask for Fairtrade in cafes and restaurants. And if your local food store does not have the Fairtrade product you are looking for, speak to the manager and ask them to stock it.

Persuade your workplace, place of worship, school or club to switch

Introduce your friends to Fairtrade products. Say thank you with a bunch of Fairtrade flowers, bring a bottle of Fairtrade wine to a dinner party or make them a cup of refreshing Fairtrade tea.

Find out more and spread the word. Visit www.fairtrade.org.uk for news, ideas, events and information.

Campaign for Trade Justice. We need trade rules to work in the interests of the poor. See the great Cotton Stitch-up for example.

Find out more on www.fairtrade.org.uk

Join the local Fairtrade group. There are active Fairtrade groups in Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant and all welcome new members.

All the groups meet regularly and these are some of the things we do:

  • We  keep an eye on who’s selling Fairtrade products and make sure our lists are up to date on our website and on printed guides we produce.
  • We talk about Fairtrade to lots of groups each year.
  • We set up stalls and displays at various events
  • We organise our own events, especially during Fairtrade Fortnight which is late Feb- March each year. Last year in Portsmouth for example,  we organised a curry evening, a banana tasting, took part in the great bunting challenge and invited speakers to talk about Fairtrade gold and fruit from conflict zones.
  • We support local schools and churches which are working towards Fairtrade status
  • We maintain this website and send round mailings.

You could help with any of these activities – just get in touch.