Gosport Fairtrade Action meetings

The Steering Group holds a Business Meeting approximately 4 times a year at Gosport Town Hall, or elsewhere in the town,  to:

– plan our programme of activities

– monitor the progress of Fairtrade in Gosport Borough

– keep up to date with news from the Fairtrade Foundation about new products and campaigns

– keep up to date with news from other Fairtrade groups in Hampshire

Additional and occasional Working Group Meetings, to plan particular events or actions, take place variously at members’ houses, the Town Hall, in the Discovery Centre or other convenient locations.


Future Meeting Dates

We shall not be meeting in person during the current corona virus crisis.   The Co-ordinator will contact Steering Group Members by email to discuss plans and how we shall proceed.



Back in April 2011 we decided to survey all retail and catering outlets to see where and which Fairtrade products are available.  This survey was completed in 2013 and the directory updated.

Keeping the Directory up to date

Shops and cafes change hands and stock all the time so to keep the Directory up to date:

please let us know if you are aware of any changes: new Fairtrade products or Fairtrade products discontinued; outlets closing or new ones opening.  Our regular meetings include an item where changes are reported so we can update the Directory. You can contact us here

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A LEAFLET about Fairtrade in Gosport 

was published in February 2015




If you would like a copy of the full annual report, please contact us